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Looking for a Turkey property and considering buying in Turkey? Come to Luxium Property and you won’t regret it!

We are an international and property consultancy company in Turkey we will guide and advise you professionally through the entire process. Luxium Property is located in İstanbul, Turkey.

It offers a wide range of housing options such as luxury villas, houses, apartments and shops. Each project undertaken, is carried out within the agreed time and in each case the relevant title deeds are delivered immediately. The company is committed to continue serve the modern needs of its customers, watching closely the developments in the field of construction. We respect to the environment and quality of life of citizens. The elegance, harmony and functionality of the projects we construct is a primary issue for us.

The key to our continuous successful development is based on our valuable experiences, understanding of the client housing needs, competitive prices and quality of our work.

Our primary philosophy  always aiming at the best quality possible result. We operate with core business values, flexibility, reliability and professionalism.

Resale properties In addition to this, our dedicated LUXIUM PROPERTY after-sales team works tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction with the service provided.

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