Power of Attorney in Turkey

Granting power of attorney to a solicitor to complete your property purchase on your behalf is highly recommended by Royal Property Turkey.

In order to complete your purchase of an apartment or villa in Turkey, there are a number of steps and processes that need to be completed in Turkish and in Turkey. So unless you are fluent in Turkish and live in Turkey – we recommend granting power of attorney to make your purchase smooth, easy, and risk free.

When granting power of attorney to a solicitor, the solicitor can then act on your behalf in Turkey to complete the processes and purchase on your behalf. We have used this method for years and can recommend a large number of respected and trustworthy solicitors in Turkey for you.

What can a solicitor in Turkey do for me exactly?

  • The solicitor will help you buy, sell, or rent out your Turkish home.
  • Manage your home for rental and holiday lets if required
  • Conduct bank transactions on your behalf
  • Make investments on your behalf
  • Take care of tax
  • Make legal claims or conduct litigation on your behalf

Before you grant power of attorney to a solicitor, a document will be drafted which will state exactly what the solicitor can and can’t do on your behalf. You are free to allow the solicitor as much freedom or little as you want. We advise that before you appoint a solicitor, you should check that the solicitor is a member of the local Lawyer’s Barr Association.

In order to grant power of attorney, you will need to complete certain legal documents that need to be notarised to be used legally in Turkey. This can be done either in Turkey or in your home country at the local Turkish consulate. The documents also need to be translated into Turkish and English and notarised.

If you want, you can revoke power of attorney at any time. All you need to do is to contact a notary or Turkish consulate and send a written notice to your chosen solicitor with the information that the power of attorney has been revoked. Make sure that you request that all copies of the original document are returned to you and contact your bank to let them know that the document has been revoked and no longer in use.

Are there different types of power of attorney in Turkey?

In Turkey there are many different types of power of attorney, there are two that are connected with buying a home in Turkey that you should take note of:

General power of attorney – this gives a general right to the solicitor to represent you legally in all maters and in some cases, your signature will be needed for approval.

Specific power of attorney – this gives a specific right to a solicitor to represent you in a specific transaction, in this case, a purchase of a property. Specific power of attorney is the normal route that foreigners take when buying a home in the sun.

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